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Our Bioreactor & Master Meat Maker, Phillip Woo

Our Bioreactor & Master Meat Maker, Phillip Woo



Since the year 2038, Jia Rou Canting (Chinese for “Synthetic Meat Restaurant”) has been culturing its own meat on a weekly basis so we have the freshest, most delicious protein for our menu. We own and operate our own protein bioreactor and have procured many cell strains from which we create our Chinese delicacies. Philip Woo, our master meat maker, trained for over 15 years to learn the art of meat culture and has been certified by the USDA to safely and cleanly create meat (USDA CLASS A CULTURER, License No. 74-A-1765). 


We have 100% total control over the nutrition and fat content of our meat and have calibrated each culture method to suit our time-honored recipes. The meat that we make is very low in saturated fat, higher in protein than conventional meat and of course very delicious and affordable!


For our non-cultured meat we buy from many local farms who have wonderful and sustainable growing practices. We do not buy any meat from the antiquated and dirty factory farms that were common at the start of the century. There is simply no need to buy that old-fashioned meat, because we can produce all that we need in our bioreactor, but some of our older customers still like the meat from conventional farms for nostalgia reasons. 


Our main goal is to feed the world with the best technology of the West (Cellular Agriculture) combined with the best flavors and recipes from the East. Cultured Meat was once a rare expensive thing. But today, we can have cultured meat everyday no matter what economic level our customers are. We take pleasure in feeding the world one delicious and nutritious plate of food at a time. THANK YOU for enjoying our wonderful cultured meat!!!